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Jumpstart Your Career with MSELECT Academy’s New Mini-MBA

Posted on 16/05/2017


Are you looking for an edge in your job hunt? Are you ready to bump up your career to the next level?  MSELECT Academy’s brand new, internationally certified Mini-MBA may be just the right fit for you.


You may have heard about what a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) can do for your career. Business school graduates are eligible for higher level executive jobs and substantial salary increases, and they gain in-depth knowledge, skills, and abilities that will ensure their future professional success. The problem is, most of these master’s degrees take two years (and upwards of $100,000) to complete.


The Mini-MBA was developed as an alternative to the time-intensive, cost-heavy MBA, and is basically a “miniature” version of the MBA. Most Mini-MBA programs range in length from a few days to several weeks, with the average being about 1-2 weeks. They are designed for the busy professional and aspirational job-seeker, who want to give their careers a high impact boost in a condensed period of time.

The price is also appealing, as the Mini-MBA is just a fraction of the cost of a full MBA. And the Mini-MBA credential – especially when certified by an internationally recognized business institution – looks really good on the resume!


In 2016, MSELECT Academy partnered with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) to create a brand-new, internationally accredited Mini-MBA program. This 7-day course was developed for both upcoming young leaders and seasoned executives who want to improve their business skills and get a broad overview of all aspects of the business world.

Individual modules are as follows:

  • Session 1: Applied Marketing Techniques
  • Session 2: Introduction to Human Resources
  • Session 3: Basic Concepts in Finance and Accounting
  • Session 4: Topics in Leadership and Management
  • Session 5: Overview of Project Management
  • Session 6: Designing a Business Plan
  • Session 7: Capstone Project

MSELECT Academy’s introductory price for this internationally certified Mini-MBA is just $995, all-inclusive, and the first course will be held in Erbil, starting in April 2017. If you are interested in signing up, email for more information and a brochure.