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Contractor Services

Our professional assistance has been recognised by many local and international companies due to MSELECT's highest level of hands–on, customised services.

Our unique set of services:

  • Dedicated Local Team. A highly personalized team devoted to manage your request from start to finish.
  • One Contact Initiation. email to initiate your request. One of our dedicated specialists will contact you soon after your request reaches our inbox.
  • Document Preparation. We provide customised attention to complete all required documents and application forms with your personal information, so you don’t have to go through the hassle.
  • Expedited Delivery. Expedited delivery of your Residency Permit to take care of your travel schedules.

We also stay abreast of the most current rules and regulations from local Immigration Offices and update our instructions accordingly.

Our Umbrella services will provide our contractors will the following:

  • You become an employee of our company
  • Payment in the form of salary and allowable expenses
  • Dedicated and experienced response team
  • We'll handle all of your Income Tax and Social Security
  • We'll process your expenses
  • We'll handle all of your contract correspondence
  • We'll handle all of your invoicing requirements
  • Travel, accommodation, telephone and internet bills
  • Our lawyers can handle Visas and residencies
  • Multi-lingual staff to assist where necessary


All the above services leave you free to concentrate on growing your client base and raising your hourly rates as you become established, without having to worry about finding a reliable accountant, setting up a limited company and ensuring that your year-end figures are submitted on time. Many of our contractors have been with us as they have found it much less stressful to let our highly experienced team deal with the administrative details.

At MSELECT we know that no two contractors are exactly alike. With this in mind, if you ever have a specific requirement our team will always go the extra mile to deliver the first class service you deserve.

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