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AutoCAD 2020

Course Fee $300.00

No. of Places 10 of 10

Start June 14, 2020

End June 25, 2020

Location Erbil - MSELECT Academy

The AutoCAD course introduces advanced techniques and teaches you to be proficient in your use of the AutoCAD software. The course takes participants through the advanced features of AutoCAD to a point where candidates will develop the needed skills and knowledge by using the more complex features of the latest version of AutoCAD. 

This is done by teaching you how to recognize the best tool for the task, the best way to use that tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently through in-class practices. Participants will start by learning about drawing navigation, then jump into learning about advanced operations and tools in AutoCAD, as well as to object visibility and annotation, sheet sets, output, and when and how to use them. You will also learn about dynamic blocks, parametric constraints, action recorder, and customization through the day to day homework. Once you have completed this course you will execute 2 projects from start to finish to gain a solid understanding of the advanced tools and concepts in AutoCAD. Finally, an exam will be performed to review your AutoCAD skills.


The course is intended for:

Candidates who have Cad experience and who wish to develop skills through the advanced features of AutoCAD.

Ex: graduate in engineering esp. Mechanical, civil and architecture, draftsman’s, and so on.


Topics Covered

  • Getting Started with AutoCAD, the interface of AutoCAD, Geometry Creation, Drafting Settings, Snapping to Coordinates, essential Drawing & Editing Commands.

  • Drawing Precision: Object Snaps, Polar Tracking at Angles, Object Snap Tracking Drawing with Snap and Grid.

  • Advanced editing objects.

  • Annotations & Annotative Objects, Advanced Text Objects Creating New Styles.

  • Layer Management & Advanced Layouts.

  • Managing Blocks & References in AutoCAD, Xref, Dynamic blocks and attributes.

  • Utility and Inquiry Tools.

  • Extracting Linking and Presenting Information in Tables.

  • Creating, publishing, and customizing sheet sets.

  • Enhancing productivity by customizing the AutoCAD interface.

  • Using macros and custom routines.


When and where is the course being held?

The next course will take place at MSELECT Academy's training center in Erbil, starting on Sunday, June 14th, 2020 until the 25th of June.

  • Timing: 17:30 am to 20:30 pm

  • Duration: 10 days.

  • Location: MSELECT Venue, Erbil.  


Must be made 5 working days before the start of the course. Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or through exchange offices.


Requirements and notes:

  • The training will be in the Kurdish and Arabic language.

  • Participants should have downloaded the AutoCAD® 2020 software on their laptops



How do I register?

Sign up on this page or by emailing with the following details:

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For more information, please call 066 261 4455 



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