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Conflict Management

Course Fee $300.00

No. of Places 20 of 20

Start February 27, 2018

End February 28, 2018

Location Erbil

MSELECT Academy is offering a Conflict Management course to prepare participants to master the fundamentals of conflict resolution, harness the power of positive conflict, and hone their intercultural communication skills. This 2 days course is being held in Erbil.

This two-day course focuses on positive and productive aspects of communication and conflicts and explains how we can benefit from situations which are often perceived as negative and destructive. Developing Communication helps participants explore key skills to manage conflict and be able to communicate effectively. Participants will be introduced to a variety of communication styles, understanding such tactics enables you to prepare and respond effectively in order to prevent a conflict. Participants will also explore emotional skills critical in dealing with other people and learn how to control their emotions as well as those of others and guide the debate towards a win/win outcome.


Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describing the main sources of conflict;

  • Explore what conflict means for people and enable them to understand different responses to conflict;

  • Developing the attributes of a good conflict manager;

  • Communicate clearly what mediation is and how it compares with other resolution methods.

  • Manage your emotions and influence others emotionally when in conflicts; build understanding of how people in disputes think, feel and behave, and how this contributes to the dispute.

  • Recognize Approaches used when interacting with others that may lead to conflicts and take appropriate steps to avoid a conflict developing; enhance your self awareness and develop reflective practice


The course is intended for:

  • Managers/Supervisors and team members who are new to the development sector or managerial role;

  • Development sector professionals who intend to work closely with implementation of planning activities and operating procedures development;

  • Consultants/contract staff operating in the development sector


About the Trainer

Shauna Lee Sexsmith is a INGO program manager, senior consultant with UNITAR, development strategist and process facilitator with ten

years of experience helping develop executive leadership capabilities for the public and private sectors. She has provided advising, and facilitation for international governments, members of parliament, C-Suite executives, and institutions. She works across Korea, Myanmar, Iraq, United States and Canada and integrates leadership development, innovation and social impact for purpose-led growth to ensure leaders, and teams meet complexity, emergent change and innovation, with a more informed and collaborative environment.


When and where is the course being held?

The next course will take place at MSELECT Academy's training center in Erbil, starting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. 

How do I register?

Sign up on this page or by emailing with the following details:

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For more information, please call 066 261 4455 or 0771 994 50 97.

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