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Planning for Human Resources - Erbil

Course Fee $195.00

No. of Places 10 of 15

Start May 21, 2017

End May 23, 2017

Location MSELECT Academy’s Training Center in Erbil

Planning for Human Resources is a course certified by the IFC, a division of The World Bank. This is one of the modules within the Diploma in Human Resources.

Human Resource managers are responsible for the overall planning operation and monitoring of the human resources department.  They take responsibility for strategic planning.  Good planning will insure that you have more time and will remain on budget.   

After completing the course, participants in the “Planning for Human Resources” course will be better able to:

  • Identify the role of HR planning in building the competitive advantage of the firm 

  • Describe the process of HR planning 

  • Describe process and tools in HR planning for key management positions

Course Content:

  • Session 1 - No HR planning, no HR management

  • Session 2 - The process of HR planning 

  • Session 3 - HR planning for key management positions 

Course Duration: 1.5 days (10.5 hours) split over 3 evenings, from 16:30 to 20:00 on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of May.

This module is one of courses as part of the internationally Certified Diploma in Human Recourses

MSELECT Academy is offering a number of courses in Human Resources through the IFC (International Finance Corporation), a division of the World Bank. These courses are part of the Business Edge™ series of workshops and lead to international certification. Participants can take all 8 courses to receive a “Diploma in Human Resources” or they can take individual modules, each of which is also certified by the World Bank and IFC.

Business Edge™ certified courses being offered are as follows:

  • Planning for Human Resources

  • Motivating People

  • Recruiting for Key Management Positions

  • Retaining Top Employees

  • Establishing Compensation and Benefits

  • Managing HR Communication

  • Performing Effective Job Design

  • Appraising

Why Business Edge™?

MSELECT Academy was awarded certification in 2014 to offer the renowned World Bank /IFC Business Edge™ training programs, and we are qualified to teach up to 59 different topics. Recipients of our Business Edge™ training courses will receive an international certificate for each course they complete. Those who complete all 8 courses in our Human Resources program will receive a Diploma. MSELECT Academy also offers Business Edge™ Diplomas and courses in Leadership and Management; Tourism and Hotel Management; Sales and Marketing Management; Finance and Accounting; and General Operations Management. For more information on Business Edge™ and the specific courses we offer, please visit:

Why train with MSELECT Academy?

Whether you are looking to begin your career with an international company, to further develop your skills, or to acquire a broader business knowledge, MSELECT Academy is the destination for your learning needs. MSELECT Academy provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to advance in both your career and your personal life. We strive to deliver excellence and to help you master the latest methods and meet tomorrow’s needs through innovative learning methodologies.

MSELECT Academy’s Certified Trainers have demonstrated unrivaled skills in helping learners become more productive in their working environments. All have many years of experience and are certified through the World Bank/IFC “Training of Trainers” program to deliver the internationally recognized Business Edge™ curriculum.

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