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Credit Administration Manager

Job Title: Credit Administration Manager
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Basra, Iraq
REF: 1629
Contact Name: Susan Rafat
Job Published: 12 months ago

Job Description

MSELECT is looking to hire a Credit Administration Manager for an international development Finance institution in Basra. Candidate must have minimum 3 years of relevant experience and fluent in English and Arabic.

Role summary

The Credit Administration Manager is responsible for planning, organizing and executing institution Credit Administration activities including Legal Implementation, Disbursement, Collateral Management, Credit File Management and Legal Collections. As part of the Deal Team, the CAM must ensure that all Legal and Credit Administration risks are addressed as part of deal development. The Regional Credit Administration Manager (RCAM) delegates responsibility for management and day-to-day operations of credit administration duties in office to the CAM, and s/he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the CRM policies and procedures. The CAM needs to ensure that the CRM department meets the annual goals and objectives relating to credit risk administration.

The CAM role

The main accountabilities of the CAM are to:

  • Ensure investments submitted for approval can be effectively and efficiently implemented.

  • Ensure all approved investments are administered in a safe and sound manner and in compliance with CRM policies and procedures.

  • Ensure credit administration duties are conducted in a way as to ensure quality and minimize potential loss.

The CAM is responsible to execute credit administration activities in line with the CRM policies and procedures and to ensure that these remain up to date with local requirements. The CAM needs to ensure effective, independent credit administration whilst ensuring strong collaboration with the investment team. This role focuses on maintaining the integrity of investment decisions made by way of effective and quality implementation of such investments and maintenance of assets taken as collateral as well as credit files. The CAM must ensure alignment of credit administration activities with business objectives at office level.

Primary relationships

The position reports to the Regional Credit Administration Manager. Within the organization, the position has primary working relationships with the Investment Executives/ Managers, Finance, Legal, and Legal Collections.

Key performance areas

Credit assessment

  • Quality legal Audits are conducted on all deals before presentation to FC.

  • CP’s are accurate and include additional requirements to mitigate risks and exclude CP’s that is non-relevant or non- executable.

  • Collateral have been reviewed, independent valued and are meets all policy requirements.

  • Collateral and company compliance Credit Files are up to date and accurate.

  • 100% legal audits conducted and signed off. No referrals due to Legal Audit issues.

  • No waivers or changes on approved terms and conditions due to Credit Administration oversight.

  • Feedback on quality of audits and approval letters from LIMs and FC.

Legal Implementation

  • Effective, quality and timely execution of the terms and conditions as approved by the Board.

  • Risks identified in the legal implementation and disbursement processes are highlighted and properly managed to an acceptable level. All Legal files are reviewed for clearance before distribution

  • Records management checklist completed for all deals prior to submission to FC.

  • Legal implementation completed within the time as agreed. 95% of conditions precedent are complied with.

  • All files are reviewed for Legal File clearance within 5 working days from receipt.

  • 100% deals presented for file clearance have complete signed off records management checklists.

  • Feedback on quality of legal files from LIMs.

  • All deals in implementation have up to date notes on eFront.

Credit file management

  • Security and other documents are duly executed and properly protected from fire, theft etc.

  • Credit Files are maintained in line with the Records Management Procedure.

  • Every collateral asset line has a supporting document reflecting the value as per the register and can be easily referenced.

  • 95% of credit files comply fully with rules/guideline All security documents are executed and properly filed in fireproof safes. No audit findings on records management compliance.

  • No audit findings on collateral documents not available.


  • Disbursements completed in line with conditions set

  • Quality disbursement request submitted Payments made in line with approved disbursement request.

  • Credit facilities are disbursed only after all contractual terms and conditions have been met and all required documents received.

  • Exceptions only with FC approval.

  • Disbursements completed within 5 working days of file clearance.

  • 98% of disbursements are in line with approved terms and conditions. FC approval held on file for 100% of disbursements made before all contractual

  • Compliance with policy and procedures relating to disbursement terms and conditions have been met.

  • No payments to unverified beneficiaries.

  • Feedback from CRO on quality of disbursements.

  • No disbursement compliance issues identified.

Collateral management

  • All collateral is registered as per agreed country targets and have accurate collateral values. Annual and quarterly collateral reviews are completed within time limits set.

  • Collateral register data are up to date at the end of each quarter (15th of the consecutive month) Any risks relating to collateral registration and variances are address through appropriate actions.

  • Insurance renewals are up to date on business as well as assets taken as collateral.

  • Registered collateral per country vs. agreed country targets. Accuracy: collateral values captured vs. correct value.

  • Actual date of completion of Annual Collateral review vs 30 November deadline.

  • Quarterly reviews are 90% up to date.

  • Insurance reviews performed and completed by all countries by 30 November of each year and corrective actions are followed to completion.

  • 100% of assets have supporting documents.

  • 85% of collateral recovered vs reflected.

Legal collections

  • Provide effective and efficient support to the Legal Collections Function on deals handed over to Legal Collections.

  • Formal handover instructions are submitted to service providers.

  • Formal valuations are conducted on all assets for clients handed over for legal collections.

  • Collateral register is maintained based on recoveries made or service provider feedback

  • Feedback from Legal Collections Executive on support received. Quality of handover instructions.

  • 100% of handover packs have valuations no more than 6 months old.

  • Collateral register is 100% up to date with assets sold, new valuations conducted or other findings

Ideal profile

CAM should be analytical, methodical and ethical, with sound knowledge of credit administration procedures and strong collaboration skills. The CAM must be up to date on all regulatory laws and be aware of the economic and industrial trends.

Required experience, qualification and skills

  • Relevant legal qualification (paralegal, legal secretary) beneficial

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a similar role.

  • Relevant experience in the financial services industry essential, for example as credit/ loan administrator

  • Exposure to the SGB environment would be beneficial

Key competencies

Working with people

  • Demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others;

  • Adapts to the team and builds team spirit;

  • Recognizes and rewards the contribution of others;

  • Listens, consults others and communicates proactively;

  • Supports and cares for others; Develops and openly communicates self-insight

Adhering to principles and values

  • Upholds ethics and values; Demonstrates integrity; Promotes and defends equal opportunities, builds diverse teams; Encourages organizational and individual responsibility towards the community and the environment

Persuading and Influencing

  • Makes a strong personal impression on others;

  • Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating;

  • Promotes ideas on behalf of self or others;

  • Manages conflict;

  • Makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others

Following Instructions & Procedures

  • Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority;

  • Follows procedures and policies;

  • Keeps to schedules;

  • Arrives punctually for work and meetings;

  • Demonstrates commitment to the organization;

  • Complies with legal obligations and safety requirements of the role

Planning and organizing

  • Sets clearly defined objectives;

  • Plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances;

  • Manages time effectively;

  • Identifies and organizes resources needed to accomplish tasks;

  • Monitors performance against deadlines and milestones

Delivering results and meeting customer expectations

  • Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction

  • Sets high standards for quality and quantity;

  • Monitors and maintains quality and productivity;

  • Works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way;

  • Consistently achieves project goals

Work level

The CAM is a Work Level 1 role. This means that s/he is largely front line, doing work that creates immediate value for either internal or external customers. The work is largely prescribed with defined outputs. The CAM is accountable for efficient use of own time and any equipment or systems they use to do their roles. The CAMs has the technical knowledge for the area in which s/he is working. The problems faced are concrete ‘real world’ problems that are largely familiar and repetitive however the CAM might be faced with situations that require analysis and proposal of alternatives. Guidelines or procedures may be available to help in problem solving. Changes are likely to be driven by others at higher levels. The role holder will be accountable for adapting to change and making suggestions for improvement to their manager. The Time Span of Discretion is likely to be minutes, hours or weeks, up to three months.

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process