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Dispatcher (Control Operator)

Job Title: Dispatcher (Control Operator)
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Erbil, Iraq
REF: 1422
Contact Name: Ghusoon Nader
Job Published: 12 months ago

Job Description

MSELECT is looking to hire a Dispatcher (Control Operator) for an international oil services company in Kurdistan. 1-3 years of experience crude oil pipeline dispatching, fluency in Kurdish and English is a must.
Role summary
Execute the orders, resolutions and commands of the management. Cooperatively administers the technological process of crude oil pumping via the exporting pipeline, ensuring proper planned modes for crude oil pumping and ensuring proper technology for crude oil acceptance, pumping, transfer and delivery.
Manage the start and stop operations for the pumping unit at the stations, switch the technological process on the linear part of the pipeline using SCADA system.
Job Responsibilities
  • Ensure and controls the execution of the schedules for crude oil acceptance, transportation and delivery, in accordance with the daily volumes. If the Control Operator notices an unplanned deviation in the acceptance volume, s/he should immediately report this to the manager.
  • Keep the hourly modes of operation for the technological parts of the exporting pipeline in accordance with the monthly scheduled plan, and do the necessary measures to recover any disturbed modes upon agreement with the Chief Control Operator.
  • Availability of the equipment at the stations and the technological process flow chart for crude oil pumping being ready to work in accordance with the scheduled plan;
  • Technological switches on the linear part sections;
  • The procedure and the mode to pass pigs, sealers, crude oil batches with possible gas-air content and lower quality batches (non-standard crude oil) on the pipeline sections under his/her control;
  • Acceptance of crude oil in the tank farm, pumping it in the pipeline, its movement via the pipeline and its delivery at Fishkhabour;
  • The progress of executing emergency response and planned repair works (including the filling of pipeline with oil); the work of the station operators;
  • Acceptance and delivery of crude oil on LACT, the work using backup schemes of crude oil accounting;
  • Crude oil quality, not allowing acceptance and pumping of non-standard crude oil, up to stopping acceptance and stopping the pipeline pumping;
  • Readings and penetrability of the leak detectors. In case of finding out any malfunctions or deviations from work, inform the manager;
  • The volume of crude oil pumped from the cut-off sections and the volume of crude oil that went to fill the drained sections of the linear part of the main pipeline, process pipelines, and tank farms during planned and emergency response works
  • Works that are part of his/her job functions, automated systems for dispatching control and management, in case of detecting any malfunction — attract specialists from relevant departments and services to take prompt actions to rectify the systems operation.
  • The necessity for data masking for LDs, CECS, when coordinating the execution of repair works on the main pipeline facilities, as well as setting masks for the automation system protection.
  • Be always aware of the process environment on the linear part of the pipeline and company facilities.
  • Do constant process control over the crude oil movement? Every 2 hours, form a summary on the pipeline and equipment operation parameters, on the level and presence of oil in the tank farms, writes them down into the dispatching list, draws up and analyzes the operative balance of crude oil movement. In case of finding out any crude oil de-balance, takes measures to promptly find out and eliminate the causes of the de-balance, and immediately inform the manager
  • Ensured constant control and keeping within the prescribed limits:
  • The technological parameters for the pumping (including the working pressures values throughout the pipelines route), given in the pipeline process mode map;
  • The actual parameters for pipeline operation, in accordance with the normative values;
  • The actual parameters of the tank farms, in accordance with the tank farm process operation maps.
  • Control the pressures at the stations and the linear part of the pipeline
  • When beginning a shift, familiarized him/herself with the current environment at the company facilities, the operation modes of technological sections of the main pipeline, the availability of main technological equipment reserve, any repairs being carried out, all changes that took place since his/her previous shift, any new orders or directions. The shift is accepted/delivered with a record in the “Station shift log”.
  • Partially or completely stops the execution of technological processes and/or other works if they breach the effective standards, implementation procedure, if the pipeline loses sealing, in case of ignition and/or accumulating explosive concentrations of hydrocarbons, in case of simultaneous faults in tele control systems and communication channels, in case of detecting equipment breakdowns and/or defects which pose a threat to the employees’ health and the environment.
  • Ensures the keeping and timely filling of the logs at his/her workplace, in accordance with the given list.
  • Obeys the internal labor rules and regulations.
  • Immediately report to his/her immediate or superior manager about any situation which threatens the life and health of any individuals, about every employment accident, about the worsening of his/her health conditions, including manifestations of acute professional disease (toxic poisoning).
  • Working pattern will be 2 days on 2 days off.