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Head of Firefighter Crew

Job Title: Head of Firefighter Crew
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Erbil, Iraq
REF: 1424
Contact Name: Ghusoon Nader
Job Published: 12 months ago

Job Description

MSELECT is looking to hire a Head of Firefighter Crew for an international Oil Services company in Kurdistan. Main objective of this position is to ensure Fire Safety at the Pipeline System facilities and liquidate fires in case of emergency situations, Min. 5 years of experience in the (Fire Safety and Fire Fighting Management), fluency in English is a must, Kurdish s a plus.

Main Responsibilities

  • Management of the Firefighter Crew at the Station and functional interaction with the Company Business Units on Fire Safety issues;
  • Organization and control over performance of works by the Firefighter Crew at the Station, including staffing with personnel of required qualification and provision of the necessary firefighting machinery, means of communication and management, firefighting equipment, implements and substances for fighting fires;
  • Organization of round-o’-clock monitoring and provision of the fire safety at the Station and adjacent linear sections of the trunk pipeline;
  • In case of revealing or upon receipt of fire ignition or emergency signal immediate mobilization to the fire, emergency or natural disaster location(s); ensuring effective use of the manpower and equipment in fighting fires and emergency response, saving people and provision of first aid assistance; participation in the emergency repair actions;
  • Organization and control over scheduled works of the Firefighter Crew; presence during the shift handovers and control over filling the work logs and operational reporting; timely consolidation and submission of the reporting data to the upper management;
  • Organization and control over execution of works on reliable, safe and uninterrupted operation, maintenance and running repair of the Business Unit’s special machinery and vehicles in accordance with the run-time norms and maintenance schedule as well as control over equipping of each machinery unit and vehicle with spares and materials for repair;
  • Assessment of emergency situation during fire fighting, execution of emergency and rescue actions to enable further emergency response and engagement of additional manpower and resources where needed. Briefing the results of fire situation assessment to the personnel located within the emergency area as well as the
  • Emergency Response Commander in accordance with the Emergency Response Plan;
  • Participation in development of the short-term and yearly budgets and work plans of the Firefighter Crew; control over execution of the approved plans and budgets;
  • Development of firefighting plans, participation in development and update of the
  • Emergency Response Plan at the protected facilities;
  • Development and agreeing of the draft instructions, rules and other documents pertaining to fire safety provision at the Station; within the assigned competence interaction with the life protection services (first aid assistance, Police, etc) on the coordination of joint actions in liquidating fires, emergencies and natural disasters;
  • Organization of methodological and technical support to the Firefighter Crew and other Business Units with the updated regulatory technical documents, internal normative documentation within the assigned business area;
  • Participation in the expert review of technical assignments, design and engineering documentation, proposals of suppliers, internal normative documents of the Company to establish compliance to the fire safety requirements;
  • Provision of the Fire Safety inductions and Fire Technical base training to the Company employees and Contractor’s personnel;
  • Ensuring daily monitoring over compliance by the Company employees with the Fire Safety Rules at the operational facilities;
  • Ensuring control over the Fire Safety conditions of the Station and trunk pipeline facilities and equipment;
  • Participation in routine visual checks and target inspections of the Station buildings, structures and equipment; control over the condition of the fire-proof coating of the construction structures, walls and building elements, etc;
  • Control over reliability and ensuring full-time availability of the firefighting special machinery, systems (units) and equipment, fire safety alarm systems, firefighting and emergency implements. Monthly inspection of the technical condition thereof and registration of use of the fuel, lubricants and firefighting substances;
  • Planning, organization and control over the repairs of Firefighting Crew building, structures and equipment;
  • Control over the technical condition, proper storage and operation of the breathing apparatus, means of communication, equipment and implements, emergency tools, necessary for safe operations of the Firefighting Crew;
  • Issue and maintaining of the permitting documents for execution of fare hazardous works as well as documents registration in compliance with the applicable legislation and internal normative documentation of the Company;
  • Ensuring and monitoring compliance with the Fire Safety requirements in preparation, execution and after completion of the fire hazardous works.
  • Taking action on elimination of breaches and non-conformance to the Fire Safety rules;
  • Participation in the work of the Investigation Commissions at the facilities engaged in establishing the reasons and circumstances of the occurred fires and emergencie development of proposals for prevention and mitigation of fire and emergency impact;
  • Participation in the acceptance of new equipment and works, startup of the new facilities in regard to checking compliance with the Fire Safety requirements;
  • Organization of registration and control over availability and movement of firefighting equipment, implements and materials in the Firefighting Crew and entrusted facilities; identification of demand, preparation and submission of requisitions for procurement of the missing or additional equipment, instruments and materials;
  • Upon Managements’ decision organization of participation of the Firefighting Crew representatives in Company assets inventory taking within the assigned Business area;
  • Interaction with the authorized State bodies of the Kurdistan Region and the Republic of Iraq within the assigned competence in the Business area;
  • Organization of upgrade of the Business Unit employees competence throug theoretical classes and practical training of firefighting and emergency response skills to perform the tasks of the Business Unit;
  • Control over compliance by the employees of the subordinate Business Units to the requirements of the internal labor regulations of the Company, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment protection requirements.

Other Job Requirements


Technical School Education, preferably in fire safety provision or emergency response.

Main requirement

  • Knowledge of the Applicable standards and regulative documents in the area of Fire Safety;
  • Knowledge of the fire safety and fire inspection rules;
  • Knowledge of the provisions of the Administrative and Criminal legislation pertaining to liability for violation of the Fire Safety rules;
  • Knowledge of the procedures and other documents for interaction with the State regulatory Bodies on the Fire Safety issues;
  • General understanding of the crude oil transportation process, accounting, acceptance and transfer of crude oil;
  • Knowledge of the configuration, operation principles and specifics for various types of equipment and systems used in the Company;
  • Knowledge of the material and technical resources necessary for execution of hazardous works;
  • Knowledge of the Fire Safety Construction rules, norms and standards. Ability to analyze compliance of the facilities to the Fire Safety rules;
  • Knowledge of firefighting equipment and personnel action schemes during fires;
  • Practical skills in emergency response and provision of first medical aid;
  • Knowledge of the configuration, technical parameters and operation rules of the firefighting equipment and systems at the Station, fire alarm and firefighting instrumentation, fire water systems, smoke detection and removal systems, PA/GA systems;
  • Skills in assessment of fire ignition and expansion as well as impact level on the personnel and property in case of fire;
  • Focus on regulatory, HSE and efficiency compliance.
  • Min. 5 years of experience in the referenced business area (Fire Safety and Fire Fighting);
  • Experience in managing firefighting units;
  • Experience in interaction with the suppliers of services, materials, fuel and lubricants, spares.
  • Proficiency in using standard office software such as MS Windows and MS Office;
  • Proficiency in using modern communication tools such as internet, e-mail, mobile phone, messenger systems.