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Wellsite Geologist

Job Title: Wellsite Geologist
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Basra, Iraq
REF: 1460
Contact Name: Ghusoon Nader
Job Published: over 1 year ago

Job Description

MSELECT is looking to hire Wellsite Geologist on behalf of a major global oil and gas client in Basra the job required Geoscience degree with more than 5 years of relevant industry (min. 2 years working as a Wellsite geologist) Work pattern will be either 14/14 or 28/28, candidates must be fluent in Arabic and English.

Job summary

Reporting to the Operations Geologist Team Leader, the Wellsite Geologist will be responsible for:


  • Ensure HSE guidelines are followed at all times on all formation evaluation activities in the rig.

  • Actively participate in all safety training, programmes and drills on the rig

Daily operations:

On a daily basis, they should ensure that all formation evaluation data is recorded and communicated effectively. These include the following activities at the rig site: -


  • Detailed cuttings descriptions and show descriptions, recorded in a word document.

  • Monitor background gas while drilling through a section and note/communicate any unusual changes in background gas, including presence and amount of connection gas, trip gas, swab gas

  • Monitor drilling parameters and mud parameters and carry out correlation to the geological intervals drilled, recording all observations in daily logs and reports.

  • Unusual trends should be communicated to Drilling Mentor and Operations Geologist Team Leader.

  • Ensure Mud Logging sensors are generating valid data and if there are issues to act and instruct sub-contractor to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

  • Inform Operations Geologist if any safety critical equipment is not functioning correctly

  • Carry out interpretation of the mudlog, gas ratios log and open hole logs, ensuring that all possible pay zones are correctly evaluated

  • If LWD is being used, ensure tools are giving valid data and use this LWD data to correlate litho-stratigraphic intervals

Other key activities:

  • Communicate any HSE-related issues, subsurface problems and any formation evaluation data gathering issues as soon as possible to the Ops Geologist Team Leader.

  • Develop an understanding of the litho-stratigraphy and petroleum geology of drilled intervals, with regard to improving the efficiency of describing HC shows and gas shows.

  • Identify weaknesses in daily operations and provide/suggest solutions to Operations Geologist Team Leader

  • Identify risks on daily rig activities and provide mitigating plans and solutions.

  • Monitor performance of Mud Logging and LWD/ Wireline sub contractors.

  • Understand and integrate all learnings concerning formation evaluation and communicate these learnings to the Operations Geologist Team Leader.

  • Educate drilling crew on the geological risks for each section through presenting at the pre-spud meetings and creating geo-hazard slides for each section.

  • Liaise closely with WSL to identify potential problems such as pressure zones or lost circulation zones. Discuss the presence of cavings (hole instability issues), as well as unusual background gas trends and presence of connection or trip gases. Be aware at all times of the estimated pore pressure and note any increasing trend(s) discussing the potential problems with WSL and Operations Geologist.

Key responsibilities

  • Actively participate in all company Safety and HSE programs

  • Generate daily Geological report following the format defined by the Ops Geologist team Leader

  • Take a leading role with the formation evaluation team at the rig site

  • Implement formation evaluation program and wireline logging program safely and effectively

  • QC data and communicate via logs and reports to teams in Basra and outside Basra

  • Audit Mud Logging and Open Hole Logging Unit and ensure all tools are working properly; act to rectify any deficiency and report issues to Operations Geologist Team Leader.

  • Generate and issue daily logs and reports

  • Have daily communications with the Operations Geologist Team Leader to reports on daily operations and any issues which arise.

  • Identify weaknesses and risks involved in daily rig operation/formation evaluation activities

  • Liaise with WSL concerning opinions on geology (formation tops, unusual trends in cuttings, gas or drilling data) that may have a direct impact on drilling operations and HSE issues

  • Generate final composite log and Initiate preparation of final well reports and lessons learnt documentation

Leadership and Behavioural Traits

  • Proactively lives the organisation values for Safety, Respect, Excellence, Courage, and One Team; including Code of Conduct.
  • Communication: Maintains high level of communications with mudlogging, MWD, wireline, WSL and Operations geologist to ensure effective communication across teams on the rig and in the office.
  • Informed Judgment: Uses good practice and sound judgement to deliver safe and competitive operations. Knows when to escalate issues or request help.
  • ???????Commitment and Engagement: Inspires deep personal commitment in others about delivering the plan focused on Continuous Improvement
  • Situational Awareness: Uses experiences and training to identify emerging issues where weak signals about personal & process safety and operations are presenting themselves

Job requirement


Geoscience degree with more than 5 years of relevant industry (min. 2 years working as a Wellsite geologist)

Core competencies:

  • Committed to safety leadership
  • Proactive work ethic - does things before being asked to or forced to by events
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the business context then acts accordingly
  • Demonstrate shared commitment to the success of the team and the wider organisation
  • Anticipate future situations and plans ahead to meet them
  • Good communication and strong English language skills

Technical Competencies 

Experience of at least two years working as Wellsite Geologist