Drilling Fluids Engineer

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    Duhok, Iraq

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    Susan Rafat

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    about 1 year ago

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MSELECT is hiring a Drilling Fluids Engineer for an international oil and gas operator in Duhok. Candidates must have a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience and must be fluent in English and Kurdish.

Position’s objective

Ensure the fulfillment of the Company's plans for production and reserves growth in terms of fulfilling the required volumes, ensuring the safety, timing, cost and quality of drilling and workover operations within area of responsibility stipulated in job description document.

Main Duties

  • List of tasks, actions and processes, which are performed by an employee in this position, and which are within his/her personal responsibility area – without permanent participation of colleagues, immediate supervisor and/or reportees in these processes.
  • Ensuring a cost-effective and safe process of drilling production, exploration and special wells on the Company's assets in accordance with the adopted strategy, plans, economic targets, the agreed budget of the Company, as well as applicable rules and regulations in the wells design and construction within area of responsibility stipulated in job description document.
  • Participation in preparation of the casing design and basic of wells designs (BoWD) including with special well engineering software, analysis of key geological and technological parameters during wells design (pore pressures, hydraulic fracturing pressures, drilling fluid density, type of completion fluid, cementing, hydraulic calculation) in order to identify key risks and develop a plan for its mitigation.
  • Participation in preparation of documents for technical audits and reviews if required: Peer assist, Peer review, Technical review, etc.
  • Prepare offset well review for evaluation, lesson learn and action plan.
  • Prepare drilling & completion fluids programs and working plans for exploration and development drilling (including vertical, directional, with horizontal completion, ERD wells), workover and rigless operations and It’s reviewing.
  • Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will prevent or address different hole problems (i.e. sloughing shales, gumbo shales, abnormal pressures, faults, etc.) encountered during drilling operations.
  • Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will prevent or address lost circulation events (i.e. Mud Weight reduction in case of loses).
  • Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will minimize the impact of wellbore conditions (i.e. temperature, pressure, formation, etc.) on the drilling fluids system.
  • Responsible for making appropriate recommendations that will minimize the impact of contaminants (i.e. H2S, C02, Water intrusion, reactive formations, cement, etc.) on the drilling fluids system
  • Responsible for making appropriate recommendations related to the drilling fluids system that will improve hole cleaning efficiency (i.e. flow rates, Low Shear Rate Viscosities, RPM, ROP, etc.
  • Develop procedures and recommendations concerning curing losses, treating fluid against contamination, corrosion protection, keeping parameters in appropriate range
  • Providing support to Cost control engineer for AFE/budget preparation and cost tracking for drilling, completion, workover and rigless operations.
  • Contribute to the cost optimization of operations while maintaining a high level of quality, safety and protection of environment.
  • Prepare of technical tendering documentation (Scope of Works packages), performing technical evaluation of tendering proposals for the drilling and completion fluids related service and equipment supply.
  • Reviewing tendering documentation commercial evaluations.
  • Close collaborations with SCM department during entire cycle of well operations contracting activity.

Facilitating tendering process if required.

  • Professional engagement and interaction with service companies on drilling and completion fluids services provision, well design, drilling technologies, equipment for drilling and well completion for the Company's assets in order to reduce costs, operations duration, minimize complications and accidents during wells operations.
  • Performance evaluation of services companies related to drilling and completion fluids.

Contractors management while wells operations planning and execution within responsible area.

  • Responsible for interpreting the results (i.e. noticeable trends, contaminants, etc.) of all relevant drilling fluids tests. Able to explain the impact of hole conditions (i.e. contaminants, solids, pressure, etc.) on the drilling fluids testing results.
  • Responsible for making appropriate chemical treatment recommendations based on the drilling fluids testing results that will optimize drilling performance.
  • Responsible for ensuring that a complete recap is completed for each hole section through the end of the well.
  • Support the mobilization and ensure that necessary materials and equipment are on-site to support the well construction operations. Make up of quality assurance of fluids systems, stock inventory, shelf life of products;
  • Responsible for managing the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) requirements for any product shipments.
  • Responsible for monitoring, reporting, and maintaining an accurate inventory of products at the wellsite.
  • Responsible for managing the inventory of wellsite test chemicals for fluid chemical checks and able to explain the importance of shelf-life and the ordering process for replacement test chemicals.
  • Responsible for the accurate reconciliation of delivery/credit tickets against wellsite inventory.
  • Monitoring the drilling process, analysis of daily reports / reports, preparation of weekly reports if required on the progress of well construction and other wells operations within responsible area. Responsible for maintaining the drilling fluids system within specifications.
  • Trip to the well sites during sensitive and important well operations if required. Supervising well operations on well site if required.
  • Close collaboration and Coordinate operations with Supervisor/Company Man during well construction operations and identify the area for improvement.
  • Collecting of the necessary materials for the examination of well drilling and workover, preparing responses to expert comments.
  • Preparation of hazards and complications elimination plans during well construction and workover operations.
  • Ensuring timely preparation and approval of documentation during well construction (acts of drilling, completion, plug of abandonment, protocols and etc.).
  • Take part in the preparation of well operations related procedures and manuals. Revise and submit fluid/displacement programs for drilling and WO operations received from service companies.
  • Ensure correct set up, efficiency and proper operation of the solids control equipment. All SCE to be in compliance with applicable industrial standards API RP 13C, IADC.
  • Present, support and lead-by-example to show that safety is the number one priority, ensuring that all employees follow safe practices while working.
  • Follow  Company's HSE and QAQC polices. Perform QA/QC audits for fluid and waste management contractors.
  • Reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT) related to drilling and completion fluids by identifying problems and recommend remedial action to achieve optimum operating cost and performance.
  • Research the market of modern drilling, completion and workover technologies. Evaluation of possibilities to implement such modern technologies for Company operations.
  • Studies and complies with Company’s LND, implemented in the Entity, Entity’s LND, regulating the employee’s field of activities (within own competency), including those, requiring compliance with currency legislation.
  • Regulations, procedures and instructions for the Energy Management System of the Companies, developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001;


  • Minimum - Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Petroleum Engineering with specialization in drilling.


  • Drilling and Completion Fluids Engineering and planning and Operations skills and competency;
  • Knowledgeable on the properties of the mud (i.e. solids calculations, fluid chemistry, etc.);
  • Knowledgeable on the effects of the products/systems on the mud chemistry (i.e. impact on pH, calcium, alkalinity, etc.);
  • Able to generate and implement the drilling and completion fluids program through close collaboration with the Drilling Engineer;
  • Able to calculate volumes (i.e. mud pits, annular, pipe capacity & displacements) without supervision;
  • Able to apply effective pit management principles (i.e. slugs, pills, storage, reserve, kill muds, etc.) during drilling operations;
  • Knowledgeable on the solids control process and equipment and able to explain how various recommendations (i.e. screen size selection, shale shaker settings, etc.) will impact the drilling fluid properties and/or efficiency of solids removal;
  • Able to perform hydraulics calculations (i.e. annular velocity, bit hydraulics, ECD, etc.) using software without supervision.
  • Able to demonstrate an advanced or higher level of proficiency in the use of Virtual HydraulicsTM software.
  • Knowledgeable regarding the impact of Particle Size Distribution (PSD), chemicals and contaminants on fluid loss.
  • Able to recognize stuck pipe incidents and select appropriate pipe release agents.
  • Able to identify and recognize lost circulation symptoms and select and apply appropriate remedial treatments.
  • Able to convert to a Lignosulfunate, Lime, Saturated Salt or Gypsum mud system without supervision.
  • Skilled in all technical disciplines pertaining to a drilling, completion and workover environment;
  • Good knowledge of well control best practices;
  • Contractor’s personnel management;
  • Knowledge of technical and technological process of drilling, completion and workover for exploration and production well including horizontal wells;
  • Tendering technical documentation preparation for goods and services procurement;
  • Understanding and application of continuous improvement processes.
  • Information analysis and presentation of information using modern technical means of communication and special software;
  • Knowledge of industry regulated acts and standards related to drilling, completion and workover;


  • English
  • Kurdish

Work experience

  • At least 10 years of total Drilling engineering and operations experience;
  • At least 5 years in drilling and completion fluids engineering positions in International Oil and Gas Operator Companies;
  • Drilling and completion fluids designing experience
  • Experience as a field drilling fluids engineer

Computer/Software literacy

  • Experience in Landmark software or analog well design and engineering software.
  • Experience well reporting software like OpenWells and WellView or analog.
  • Proficiency in MS Office package (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Project and etc.).

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process