Head of Capital Construction

MSELECT is looking to hire a Head of Capital Construction for an international oil services client in Erbil. Min 7 years of relevant business experience, out of which at least 4 years of managerial experience in construction, preferably in oil companies; fluency in Kurdish and English is a must.

Job objective

Organization and control of capital construction and reconstruction of the Pipeline System facilities and their timely commissioning and startup in compliance with the routine Works Plan and Budget, with the technological and operational parameters, industrial and environmental safety indicators that meet the terms of the Concession Agreement and the applicable legislation of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Republic of Iraq


  • Administratively the Head of the Capital Construction Section is subordinate to the Director for Capital Construction or, in his/her absence, to the Deputy of Director for Capital Construction or another authorized person according to the decision form the Branch Head – Operating Director. Functionally the Head of the Capital Construction Section reports to the Deputy of Director for Capital Construction.
  • The Head of the Capital Construction Section provides operating management of the Capital Construction Section and performs the following functions:
  • Defines, assigns and updates, if necessary, the work tasks to the specialists of the Capital Construction Section with regard to the preparation and maintenance of the data for operational and calendar planning of the capital construction and reconstruction of the Pipeline System facilities;
  • Develops and controls the update of the Master List of Company facilities approved for construction, capital repair and reconstruction;
  • Organizes development of project execution plans and budgets specifying the goals, objectives, time schedules for provision of works and services, including staged works breakdown and timeline calculations within the processes of capital construction, capital repair and reconstruction of the Pipeline System facilities based on the Company approved design solutions and schedules for contracted works and services;
  • Reviews and agrees on time schedules for contractor’s works and services with consideration of the Company approved short-term and long-term work plans;
  • Guides the Section staff activities in determining the key tasks of the construction and reconstruction processes, coordination of their parameters with process’ participants, communication and interfaces between the stakeholders, documenting and submission of the operational reporting to the Director for Capital Construction;
  • Prepares and conducts scheduled meetings, including the preparation of presentations with data on the implementation of decisions from previous meetings and the tasks for the next reporting period;
  • Monitors the completeness and reliability of data as well as the deadlines for the provision of reporting documentation by the process participants on the implementation of the decisions of the previous meetings;
  • Monitors implementation of the schedules and budgets for the Company construction and reconstruction projects; ensures analysis of deviations in execution of construction activities and the occurrence probability of associated risks;
  • Organizes consolidation, execution, registration and submission of progress reports on implementation of the Routine Works Plan and Budget to the Company Management, including information on execution of capital repair projects (as provided by the Capital Repair Section);
  • Participates in preparation and controls execution of the managerial and/or corrective decisions of the Company in relation to capital construction and reconstruction projects;
  • Organizes planning and participates in holding working and acceptance commissions during handover/acceptance of the Company facilities completed by construction, repair or reconstruction, as well as preparation of permits for operation;
  • Within the competence of the Section, takes part in claims activities of the Company’s business units in respect of performance of works and services by contractors;
  • Upon instructions from the Director for Capital Construction or Deputy Director, organizes calculation of certain operations or processes to substantiate managerial and/or corrective decisions making;
  • Initiates, controls development and update in the Company's normative documentation related to the Capital Construction;
  • Participates in selection and manages the actions of process participants to ensure the use of the joint software tool for planning and management of capital construction, repair and reconstruction projects;
  • Raises proposals and controls implementation of the approved cost saving actions through the effective use of capital investments and rational organization of activities of the Section and contractors;
  • Upon instructions from the Directorate for Capital Construction participates in the work of the Technical Council of the Company within the contents and regulations of the Technical Council;
  • Upon instructions from the Company management participates in the work of the Tender Committee within the assigned competence and business area;
  • Interacts with construction contractors, design contractors, technical and author supervision, and other contractors within the assigned competence;
  • Collects and forwards to the Company management the initial data for the preparation of Notices to the Government on changes in the Routine Works Plan and Budget  pertaining to the capital construction and reconstruction of the Company facilities;
  • Participates in the expert review of the Terms of Reference, design and manufacturer documentation, vendor proposals, internal normative documents of the Company within the assigned business area;
  • Provides the initial data on the unfinished construction facilities to the Accounting Office and Inventory Taking Commission for conducting inventory taking;
  • Organizes participation of the representatives from the Capital Construction Section in inventory taking of the unfinished construction facilities;
  • Evaluates performance of the employees of the Capital Construction Section;
  • Interacts with the State and local authorities of the Kurdistan Region and the Republic of Iraq within the assigned competence;
  • Interacts with the HR Management Division on the organization of training and advanced training of employees of the entrusted units for continuous improvement of the production efficiency and safety;
  • Interacts with the HR Department and Directorate Business Units to update the job descriptions, selection of candidates and nomination for new positions;
  • Controls the compliance by the subordinate personnel with the Company's internal work regulations, requirements for industrial safety, labor protection, environment, data integrity measures by employees of subordinate units.

Qualification required
  • Higher professional education (construction).
  • Knowledge of the international standards of industrial design, regulatory requirements in construction / practice in execution of the international Projects in capital construction and reconstruction; technology; operations and maintenance of the trunk Confident knowledge of the oil transportation oil pipelines and process management systems;
  • Strong practical knowledge of planning, project management and implementation, quality control and completion of industrial construction projects, preferably in the area of oil trunk pipeline transportation;
  • Knowledge of the principles of cost estimation for construction and assembly works and equipment;
  • Strong organizational skills; Ability to address multiple tasks in a fast paced, changing environment with strong analytical and time management skills;
  • Strong focus towards regulatory compliance, HSE and Operational Excellence in the context of project management and implementation of investment and construction projects;
  • Knowledge of commercial and legal aspects in relation to concluding contracts on construction and reconstruction
  • Experience in managing plans and budgets;
  • Experience in interacting with the State regulatory bodies;
  • Experience in contract and claim management is beneficial

Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process.