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Latest Job Vacancies

  • International Procurement Specialist

    We are currently looking for an International Procurement Specialist to be working for an O&G Se...

    15 days ago

  • Accountant

    Mselect is searching for an Accountant to be placed at one of the international safety companies...

    15 days ago

  • Senior Electrical Engineer

    We are currently hiring a Senior Electrical Engineer for an Electrical O&G Engineering company h...

    27 days ago

  • Rotating Equipment Technician

    Mselect is urgently seeking to hire a Rotating Equipment Technician for one of its major Oil & G...

    about 2 months ago

  • English Trainer

    MSELECT are recruiting on behalf of an international Oil and Gas company in Khormor, Kurdistan, ...

    2 months ago

  • Sales Manager

    On behalf of a local Oil and Gas Service Company we are seeking a Sales Manager with at least 5 ...

    2 months ago

  • Finance Manager

    On behalf of a local Oil & Gas Service Company we are seeking a highly experienced Finance Manag...

    2 months ago

  • Mechanical Supervisor

    We are seeking to hire a Mechanical Supervisor for one of the leading Oil and Gas companies in K...

    3 months ago

  • Electrical & Instrument Supervisor

    Mselect is hiring a Mechanical Supervisor for one of its international Oil and Gas clients. This...

    3 months ago

  • Security Compliance and Business Process

    MSLECET is currently looking for a Security Compliance and Business Process to be working with o...

    3 months ago

  • Mechanical Technician II (Heavy Trucks)

    One of the world's largest oilfield services companies is looking for a Mechanic Technician II i...

    3 months ago

  • HSE Officer

    On behalf of one of the largest Oil & Gas Operator companies, we are seeking for 12 HSE candidat...

    3 months ago

  • Field Logistics Coordinator

    MSELECT are looking for a Field Logistics Coordinator for an International Oil and Gas client to...

    3 months ago

  • Senior Accountant

    Mselect is urgently seeking a Senior Accountant for a holding company to be based in their head ...

    3 months ago

Latest News from MSelect

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Have you made your resolution yet for the New Year? January 1 is just around the corner and MSELECT wants to help you start this year off right. The New Year is a time for personal and professional resolutions; finding a new job or breaking into a new field can be tough, but MSELECT is here to help in the job search. This New Year, MSELECT ...