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Marketing from A to Z

Start September 26th 2021

Ends September 27th 2021



​Marketing is the key to any successful business as the current environment has an in-depth insight into different aspects and concepts of marketing. To attract customers, you must first comprehend the importance of marketing. People are unlikely to visit your store or purchase from you if they do not understand the who, what, where, when, and why of your product/services. Marketing is essential for any business, small, medium, or large. In this concise course, we give you a tour through all ...

Mselect Plant Design Management System (Pdms) Event Thumbnails
PDMS (Plant Design Management System)

Start October 5th 2021

Ends October 14th 2021



​Plant Design Management System (PDMS) training is used to create the Equipment Application, Piping Application, Civil and Steel Structure Application, Cable Tray Application, HVAC Application, 2D Draft Application and many more.It is an Engineering Design Software used to model a complete Facility from the Foundation level to the Equipment level and Structural level. It allows one to see a full-coloured shaded representation of the Plant model as Design progresses, adding an extreme level of...

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Mini MBA (Certified by CPD)

Start October 10th 2021

Ends October 21st 2021



The MSELECT Mini MBA gives you the opportunity to get the fundamentals of an MBA programme in just 10 days. This is a very intensive and challenging programme tailored to significantly enhance your career. You will gain the necessary financial knowledge and management techniques needed to make strategic business decisions and lead business change. It is ideal for managers and professionals who want to boost their career and become a great “all-round manager”. The programme covers the fundam...

Mselect Iosh Event Thumbnails
IOSH Managing Safely Online

Start October 22nd 2021

Ends October 30th 2021



​This globally recognised course gives managers and supervisors the knowledge and skills they need to manage health and safety within their teams. IOSH is an international certification vitally important in providing effective and appropriate training for all personnel in the workplace.

Mselect Iadc For Advanced Stuck Pipe Event Thumbnails
IADC for Advanced Stuck Pipe

Start October 24th 2021

Ends October 28th 2021



​The Stuck Pipe Prevention training course provides the most comprehensive coverage in the industry for understanding and preventing the underlying causes of Stuck Pipe, Wellbore Instability, Loss Circulation, and other sources of non-productive time (NPT) in drilling operations. The course also focuses on correct responses by individuals and teams, early warning signs, and minimizing the impact on drilling operations. Through world-class presentations, practical discussion, and the best refe...

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Certificate in Human Resources (Certified by CPD)

Start October 24th 2021

Ends November 4th 2021



​​MSELECT Academy is delivering a full Diploma in Human Resources, internationally certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) institute from the UK. The course runs over 10 working days the schedule is detailed further below. The MSELECT membership number with the CPD is 11329 and the course certificate number is A010841. The participant certificate is from the CPD.​Human Resource Management deals with issues related to compensation, performance management, organization deve...

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Training of Trainers (Certified by CPD)

Start October 31st 2021

Ends November 4th 2021



Although it may appear to be simple, conducting a training session requires specific skills and knowledge of how people learn. Trainers who have taken the time to consider their own approaches, understandings, and skills will be better equipped to provide comprehensive, active and effective training courses. This training program provides the groundwork for trainers to begin developing and refining their training and facilitation skills using a variety of methods to deliver the best learning ...

Mselect Fundamentals Of Accounting Event Thumbnails
Fundamentals of Accounting

Start October 31st 2021

Ends November 4th 2021



​This course is designed to provide accounting newcomers understanding of all accounting procedures in the business, basic principles and concepts of accounting for both accountant and non-accountant users. It also covers the accounting cycle in an organization such as the use of journals, posting, preparation of trial balance, preparation of financial statements and adjustments for final accounts. In addition, the course also covers manufacturing accounting and accounting for inventory. Fina...

Mselect Mos Excel Event Thumbnails1
MS Excel Specialist® 2019 (Certified by Microsoft)

Start November 7th 2021

Ends November 11th 2021



​MS Excel Specialist® 2019 (Certified by Microsoft) demonstrates competency in creating, managing, and distributing professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialized purposes and situations.The exam covers the ability to customize Excel environments to meet project needs and to enhance productivity. Expert workbook examples include custom business templates, multiple-axis financial charts, amortization tables, and inventory schedules.

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